An Identify Relevance subscription is just $995 per month per brand and gives you access to the CI engine, user interface and eNewsletter template.  You can choose eNewsletter frequency and length although we can offer counsel around both decisions. That means, for example, a weekly eNewsletter would cost you less than $230 per issue which is significantly less than the revenue opportunity from sponsorship, advertising and lead generation campaigns you can sell to your customers.


There is also a one-time per brand setup, orientation and training fee of  $975. The initial orientation session includes training on how to use the tool to identify, collect and curate content. Often, this first session results in creating your first eNewsletter ready to deploy. The fee also covers any ongoing or repeat training you or your colleagues may need


You would use your own proprietary email and list management vendors for deployment.  Your monthly subscription will enable you to:


  • Generate increased digital revenue via incorporating lead generation campaigns, advertising and sponsorships

  • Highlight products and services your industry needs and wants

  • Increase outreach to gain signups and monetization of your other virtual events and webinars

  • Nurture and deepen relationships with key attendees, exhibitors and association members

  • Provide tangible value to your customers, subscribers and association members

  • Uncover new attendee, exhibitor and member prospects

  • Complement your existing digital strategy by adding attractive, high-performance inventory you can monetize

  • Accelerate resumption of your live events when practicable




How do you schedule a no-obligation demo?


It’s pretty simple.  Just complete the form below and we’ll reach out to set up a convenient time.  A full demo session take about one hour and includes showing you how to go from a blank slate to an eNewsletter with target-specific content.  For an expedited discussion or exploration, please feel free to email us directly.  We’d love to hear from you.

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