What is Identify Relevance?


Identify Relevance is a SaaS-based, artificial intelligence-powered Content Intelligence (CI) engine that allows you to easily and inexpensively gather and distribute content that resonates with your exhibitors and attendees.  That content can be distributed in multiple ways – most often in eNewsletters – and can be monetized in multiple ways.  Even if you already produce eNewsletters, using Identify Relevance generated eNewsletters can be a key part of your strategy to drive revenue, build community, nurture customers and generate leads at a time when it is uncertain when live events will successfully resume.


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Why is using IR valuable to you?


In this time of unprecedented interruption of in-person trade shows and conferences, Identify Relevance is here to help for-profit and association event owners/producers:


  • Increase digital revenue and profit

  • Maintain and grow critical industry relationships, and

  • speed recovery and scale of face-to-face events when the time is right



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What does a subscription enable you to do?


Identify Relevance’s intuitive Artificial Intelligence-enhanced tool makes it easy for you to find, curate and deploy resonant content.  The system allows you to identify, manage and flow attention-getting content into attractive eNewsletters that can feature a savvy blend of:

  • Chosen aggregated content,

  • Your custom messaging

  • Your exhibitors’, suppliers’ and members’ marketing campaigns including:

    • pay-per-click

    • pay-per-lead

    • whitepaper download

    • brand messaging or

    • other commercial interactions you decide are most effective for your select audience



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Why is using IR-curated content important to you?


Resonant content is the most important element of successful digital marketing campaigns.  Given its Artificial Intelligent nature, your Content Intelligence (CI) engine tracks and learns from interactions between the eNewsletter readers and chosen content, sources, advertisers, sponsors and your messages including any blogs, columns, surveys or house ads you decide to include.  CI has been shown to boost reader response by tailoring content to the best fit between your readers’ interests and your editorial focus. 



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Do we stand by what we say and do?


You bet!  If, at any time during the first two months of use, you do not feel the return on your subscription is meeting your expectations, we’ll return the two months of subscription payments.  And, as a subscriber, you can decide to cancel for any reason if you choose. 

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