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Frequently asked questions

What is Identify Relevance?


Identify Relevance is a SaaS based, artificial intelligence-powered Content Intelligence (CI) engine that allows event producers and associations to easily and inexpensively gather and distribute superior B2B content that resonates with your exhibitors, attendees and allied industry professionals.  The content can easily and automatically flow into websites and eNewsletters and you can easily create and deploy as many content categories as you need.


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Why is using IR valuable to you?


  • Attract and broader, more engaged community. 

  • Supplement your original content with aggregated content to make your websites more resonant, your eNewsletters more relevant and your marketing campaigns more effective.

  • Grow your content marketing to increase performance and revenue from:

    • attendance generation messaging
    • lead generation campaigns

    • sign ups for webinar and virtual events

    • sponsorships

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Why is using IR-curated content important to you?


Relevant content is the most important element of successful audience engagement.  When a website provides relevant curated content for the audience, the audience stays longer and spends more time investigating the different segments of content. By creating an industry newsstand of relevant content curated by event producers or association experts, audiences are drawn back to engage with the most recent curated content. Curated content has been shown to boost reader response by tailoring content to the best fit between your readers’ interests and your strategic position and editorial focus.  


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Do we stand by what we say and do?


You bet!  If, at any time during the first two months of use, you do not feel the return on your subscription is meeting your expectations, we’ll return the two months of subscription payments.  And, as a subscriber, you can decide to cancel for any reason if you choose.  

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