Identify Relevance (IR) is an affordable, intuitive and flexible tool that powers eNewsletter content assembly and curation to
produce content highly relevant to chosen audiences.


IR utilizes an SaaS-based, artificial intelligence-powered Content Intelligence (CI) engine that allows one to easily and inexpensively gather and distribute content that resonates with customers and prospects.  That content can be distributed and monetized in multiple ways.  And, it can be a key part of strategy to drive revenue, build community, communicate with customers and generate leads.


Becoming a client of Identify Relevance is inexpensive and requires modest time to set up.  Administration requires only nominal training to use and is enhanced by an intuitive user interface.


Companies most frequently use Identify Relevance to select the most important content derived from a myriad of sources and populate eNewsletters which are, then, sent to target audiences. Given its AI nature, the CI engine learns what interactions users are having with specific content and applies that learning to suggested content selection going forward, improving its appropriateness.  Marketers agree that on-target eNewsletters are among the most frequently opened, read and effective content marketing vehicles.


IR clients are encouraged to use IR-generated eNewsletters in addition to any existing portfolio of eNewsletters they may already produce.  This is because eNewsletters with varying formats and focus may address different audiences and strategic goals.  And, IR eNewsletters  add attractive inventory to drive digital revenue, connectivity and lead generation for customers and for our clients’ internal use.


Our easy to use CI engine aggregates subject-driven content that can be smoothly paired with custom content of all kinds including articles, blogs and advertising.  This results in an ability to enact or monetize lead generation, custom content, pay-per-click, white paper downloads, brand marketing or other types of commercial interactions you decide are most effective for a select audience.