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A swift way to find

and use superior aggregated B2B content.


IR employs an artificial intelligence-powered content search algorithm designed to help you find and use the best aggregated B2B content. We've made it easy for you to execute searches across news and topics valued by your customers, readers and partners. Your selected articles, links and images can be easily distributed via widgets and RSS feeds into your existing websites and eNewsletters. 


Identify Relevance is inexpensive and requires minimal time to set up. You will need only a few minutes of training to start using the intuitive user interface. Spend 15 minutes a day with it and, in three weeks, you'll have the system purring.


The searches replenish and prioritize daily. You can deploy automatically according to your schedule and your approval protocol. This means you get a steady supply of relevant content with very little time required of your staff.


This can be a key part of your strategy to drive increased website traffic, build community and create more effective attendance and lead-generation campaigns.

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