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Discover, manage and display


Identify Relevance (IR) is an affordable, intuitive and flexible tool that empowers you to aggregate and deploy superior curated B2B content relevant to your attendees, exhibitors and readers.


IR is a smart tool that learns from your interactions and serves up linked articles most likely to resonate with your audiences. Through simple widgets and feeds, the automated system flows chosen content into your websites, eNewsletters, and digital products.

A better way to supply relevant content with very little time required of your staff. 



Intelligent AI-driven search is designed specifically for B2B. Delivers superior results compared to other search options. Content refreshed automatically every day. Queues content by topic and likely importance to your audiences. Reveals ideas for original content. 



Set as many topic searches as you wish. Combine multiple searches into subject feeds. View aggregated and RSS content by subject. Train and refine your search quality. Choose articles with or without accompanying images. Circulate preview selections for internal approval.



Automatically load aggregated content via simple, easy to accommodate widgets and RSS feeds. Group content by your customers’ interests and your content strategy. Include, replace or exclude accompanying images. Use as much content as you want as frequently as you want. 

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