Drive attendance and exhibitor engagement

Deepen relationships with your attendees, exhibitors and prospects


Generate revenue by selling lead generation campaigns, advertising and sponsorship

Complements your existing digital marketing and eNewsletter strategies by providing engaging personalized content

Drive attendance and Exhibitor Engagement:

Highlight conference tracks, tradeshow pavilions and exhibitor experiences to ensure your attendees are aware of new developments that require they attend the tradeshow to experience.

Deepen relationships with attendees, exhibitors and prospects with Personalized Content

Are you sending the same content to every attendee or are you personalizing the content to each individual attendee?

For Example – Right now you may be sending the professional landscapers on your list the same content about road construction and the road builders on your list the same content about professional landscaping, mal aligning content to your audience(s) -- not ideal.

When sends their “intelligent newsletter” to each individual professional landscaper attendee...they receive content uniquely suited for professional landscaping depending on their individual interests; lawn care, new landscape techniques, or new tools for landscaping. Conversely, the Road Building attendees each receive unique road building content, ensuring that the most relevant content is precisely aligned to the right attendee.

Grow Revenue

Leverage expanded inventory by offering lead generation campaigns, paid content and paid advertising to your exhibitors and sponsors.

     Create it

     Schedule it   

     Monitor it

Automate intelligent newsletters with no investment in employees, technology or content. Choose the schedule that best suits your staff and your attendees.  All the content needed to fill your newsletter will be gathered automatically, freeing your event staff to focus on your core business.

Metrics & Reporting

Start sending intelligent newsletters and watch your open and click rates grow. When your attendees likes what they’re reading, they’ll want to read more. Build trust and value in your brand by providing quality content, whether it’s written in house or pulled from another external source.

Strategic Insight

Learn about your attendees and their unique interests to better understand what type of exhibitor products and services they want to see at the next event.

For example - checks their reports to see what their most clicked on topics are to plan future tradeshow initiatives and tracks.

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Make your portfolio of newsletters intelligent, efficient and revenue producing.


Learn how you can use AI to automate the newsletter process & personalize content to engage your attendees and exhibitors.

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